Working with a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, we produced a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) installed on a 100% electric wheel loader model.

The main challenge was to integrate the PDU into a specific and restricted space determined by our customer, with cable inputs and outputs already defined. The PDU we designed is a 96V model comprising various components (fuses, busbars, permanent insulation controller (PIC), etc.). Unlike other PDUs, this one does not have a precharge function, but does have a discharge function. In addition, it is equipped with measuring points for direct measurements without opening the box. If the box is opened, a door contact automatically cuts off the current, ensuring safety and convenience.

This project was completed in just two months, thanks in no small part to our technical team. We are convinced that this new PDU will contribute to increasing the efficiency and reliability of our customer’s electric vehicles, paving the way for a new era of electric mobility in the construction sector.

To find out more about our PDU solutions and electrification capabilities, please contact us or visit our website.

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