Since 1 July 2019, the regulation on electric and hybrid vehicles has just changed, it is now mandatory to equip a sound alert system that will be active when passing under 20km / h of the vehicle.

The issue of cars that are too quiet is a major issue that needed to be resolved in France but also in the European Union. It is clear that the risk of accidents is higher by 19% for electric cars compared to thermal cars, this system will therefore enhance the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. (Source: NHTSA)

This standard is not only valid for cars but for all hybrid or full electric vehicles that operate on public roads.

Efa has developed its system “AVAS SOUND SYSTEM” which allows to emit a sound proportional to the speed of the vehicle which will be minimum 56 and maximum 75 decibels.

The system is controlled directly via the vehicle’s Can Bus or analog inputs. Depending on the speed information that goes up the sound emitted by the speaker is modulated to give the impression of a moving vehicle. We have a sound library adapted to all markets. So you can meet the standard that says “The sound should clearly signal the behavior of the vehicle and be similar to the sound of a vehicle of the same class equipped with an internal combustion engine.”

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