There is differents kind of electric motors  for your vehicle project. 

There is 2 kinds of electric motors divided in several category. 

The first onetion is thinking in terms of power source : AC (alternate current) or DC (direct current). 

DC Electric motor Efa France

The DC motors 

The motors DC, pour « Direct current » , are mostly used because it’s kind of cheap motor. These costs increases when d’ he’s used on a vehicule with high consumption. It’s the motor maintenance that increase the costs. Indeed, a DC motor use brush to send the current into  coil and transform electric energy into mecanic energy. These brushs rub the commutator ring and they must be under maintenance. This last must be  constant if the motor rotation speed is high. The speed of the motorss DC is limited in order to avoid the « unfret ».  

The DC motor are mostly used for 12 or 24V. The perkz of DC motor : 

  • Easy to install and to use  
  • Low motor cost and also the speed variator  
  • Curve speed/couple linear
  • Couple of high start-up and possibility to goes from forward to reverse fastly. 

However,, the brush system limit the use of DC motor for small applications  a with low variation speed. 

To resolve this issue, the DC motor brushless has appeared s. His mecanic conception and brushless conception remove each kind of maintenance. However, the motor controller  ensuring  the speed management is a little bit more complex and for this purpose, more expensive.  

The DC motor brushless are more resilients and has a  biggest longevity. Cependant, These motors are always make for small application. 

AC Electric Motor Efa France

The AC motors 

The AC motors use synchronous or asynchronous technology

Both motors have a rotor and astator. The differences between both motors is from the rotor.  

In a synchronous motor,  the rotor has a magnet. For this purpose, the rotor has the same speed than the magnetic field. This consequences is to avoid the speed reduction. and to improve the yield of the motor. However, if the maximum couple is reached, the synchronous motor can come loose.  

Regarding the asynchronous motor,, this one get  rotor with loop : stator and rotor have winding . The rotor  turn slowly than the magnetic field creating  always a ofsset. As a consequence, there is a slide  trigger  a loosing speed  

The asynchronous motors are cheapest. less voluminous and easy to clean up. In addition, the speed variation are easy to conceptualize on an asynchronous motor.   

Our AC motor went from 0,6 to 20kW and our AC synchronous motor from 0,5 to 30kW. 

Efa France guide you through the process choice of your electric motor. 

Efa embed into their electric drive solutions the synchronous motor, asynchronousbrushless and DCPM 

Our electric motors range are complete because we have a lot of partner . 

Efa France, with their engineering consultants, are able to guide you to size and integrate your electric drive. 

In addition, with our distribution skills,, we’ll provide you the needed parts with the best market price and with the best delay.  

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