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Discover in our Business Case #3 the replacement solution for overhead crane joysticks that efa has developed for its customer, a French player in the steel industry.

The Client
A French steelworks company that produces merchant bars used in construction, agricultural machinery and HVAC engineering.

The Problem
Faced with the discontinuation of the Schneider joysticks it had been using, our customer was faced with a major challenge in the day-to-day control of its industrial lifting equipment.

It absolutely had to find a replacement solution to guarantee continuity of production, while ensuring the safety of all operators.

The Challenge

  • The technical challenge

The ergonomic constraints, precision requirements and diversity of lifting operations associated with each piece of lifting equipment meant that the joysticks had to be completely customised, and the configurations had to be made to measure.

  • The operational challenge

It is essential to avoid any disruption to production processes and to allow operators to continue to use their usual way of controlling the equipment. The new configurations must also be functional as soon as they are installed. Adaptation times must be kept to a minimum, while maintaining the performance and reliability of lifting operations.

The Solution
efa’s strong partnerships with manufacturers of joysticks for off-road/on-road vehicles or industrial installations have enabled it to develop a unique product that meets dedicated specifications.

A unique configuration for each joystick has been devised by efa, allowing simplified replacement for the customer and limiting adaptations to existing installations:

  • Potentiometer 5K-0-5K
  • Specific contact configuration 9P1
  • Handle with dead man’s button and double contacts 1NO/1NC
joystick - business case

The Result
The validation by the site’s technical team and the satisfaction of the operators illustrate the success of this project. In addition to replacing these joysticks, we have developed new configurations of safety radio controls for remote control of certain installations.

Download the Business Case: Replacement solution for overhead crane joysticks – PDF

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