Your electric power train specialist

EFA’s Electric powertrain

Efa is an expert in electric drive, electric powertrain. We support our client in their electrical traction projects. We also supply electric drive for pumping activities.

Our process is simple, we dimension the engine, the geared engine and the variator. Afterwards, in accordance with the client’s needs, we achieve integration and adjustments. We provide a complete solution from the accelerator to the engine, passerby/through the battery.

We also worked on an independent bus, a boat, electrical cars and many agricultural motorized and handling vehicles. Your electric vehicle needs the best products.

If your project needs electric drive, Efa is the perfect partner!

How do we work?

At efa the project management process is quite simple and full of common sense. We listen to you and help you formulate your needs in a concrete and precise way: speed, torque, power, …. And all that will allow from the beginning to ensure that your vehicle will meet your expectations.

Once the specifications have been completed, we start the

Sizing of the various components of your traction chain and its interactivity with the other components of the electric vehicle. We thus manufacture the first prototype or help you to do it. Once it has been validated, we will help you with mass production and, if necessary, with the creation of ready-to-use kits to optimize your production line.

Somes examples

Race car - Mitjet

Motorization of the vehicle and feedback on a screen.

Little tractor - Adap'table

Sizing and creation of a plug and play kit for the motorization of the vehicle.

Autonomous surveillance robot - TBC

Sizing and distribution of the motorized bridge.

Electric car - Méhari Loisirs

Motorization of the vehicle and feedback on a screen.

Autonomous robot - Agreenculture

Motor and motorcontroller sized and supplied.

Electric shredder - Rabaud

Motor and motorcontroller sized and supplied.

Our products

Motorized transaxles

Our range of motorized decks will allow you to manufacture electric vehicles of all kinds. AGV, tractor-pusher, dumper, racing car, …..

Electric motors

Our range of electric motors is made to meet all your power and torque needs and fit on our decks. Whether it’s a traction or pump application, we’re here!

Motor controllers

In order to control your drive train we have built a range of drives to meet all your needs. We can also train you to their configuration.