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What’s the Electric Power Core ?

The Electric Power Core (EPC) is efa’s compact and rugged all-in-one solution to electrify your mobile machines instantly with swappable batteries to ensure continuous operation.

Whether you wish to redesign one engine or a whole product range, the EPC series fits into and runs your electrification projects.


  • From 2.4. to 6.0 kW
  • Plug & play
  • No limits
  • Machine upgrade
  • Customisable
  • Knowledge transfer
EPC - efa - électrification1

Switch from fuel to electricity for continuous efficiency

EPC - efa - électrification2-atelier
  • Coupling: B14 standard coupling, other couplings on request
  • Motor: 3-phases, brushless, no maintenance, high efficiency
  • Motor controller: Accurate speed and torque control
  • Keypad: Direction of rotation, speed and boost control
  • Display: Battery charge indicator, operating hours counter, status messages
  • 12V auxiliary power outlet: Charge & run small devices
  • Swappable lithium battery
  • No quiescent current

EPC series – A complete range with several versions

Split versions


Integrated versions


For a wide variation of application types


What our clients say about the EPC

  • Business Case efa - Electrification solution for vibratory plates

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