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What’s the Electric Power Control Station series ?

Discover efa’s off-the-shelf solution integrating motor control, command and CAN communication management… with a touch of automation.

The Electric Power Control Station (EPCS) series is a plug & play solution to electrify quickly your vehicle.

It perfectly matches with traction and epump application on a wide range of battery powered vehicles.

The efa Control Station solution includes a system controller that can operate as a commander device on the CAN bus.

EPCS - coffret complet - efa

Features of the EPCS series

    EPCS - efa- design- brown
    • Compatible with 24V, 48V and 96V batteries
    • Output current : up to 460A peak / up to 175A continuous
    • Embedded sensing : current, voltage, motor speed and torque
    • Compatible motor technologies : 3 phases AC induction, PMAC, BLDC


    • CAN communication with the BMS of the lithium ion battery protects the battery from overcurrent discharge, deep discharge
    • Thermal cutback, warning and automatic shutdown protect the motor and controller
    • Error logging, fault history and CAN EmergencyMessages



    • EN ISO 13849-1:2015
    • EN 1175:2020

    Dual-micro architecture achieves up to PL=d, category 2 functional safety, CE/UKCA marked as a programmable safety device.

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