Radars sensors

Accidents due to industrial machinery are becoming more and more common.Approximately 100,000 pedestrian accidents occur each year in France, something unacceptable for efa France.
To avoid this kind of inconvenience efa France sell a range of anti-collision radarsthat will change your daily life.Thanks to a very efficient and easy-to-install solution, Preco radars range will contribute to work accidents reduction.
10% of pedestrian crashes involve dumpsters, 24% construction machinery, 43% trucks over 3.5 tonnes and 24% forklifts. In 42% of cases the accident happens during a reverse.
Radar sensors developed by Preco make it possible to avoid collisions with other vehicles but also human beings who are motionless or moving in the blind spot of all heavy vehicles. Whether you choose the reversing radar or blind spot radar, we can cover all areas around the vehicle. The range even includes wireless back-up radar to further facilitate vehicle installation.
Radars are accompanied by an audible signal that warns the driver of the danger. You can also incorporate into your anti-collision system a control screen with video feedback.

Why radar ?

Radar is based on radio wave emission that detects the distance, size and movement of each object present in the detection zone.
Radar technology is more comprehensive and less expensive than lidar. Indeed, the radar works both day and night and under rain, snow or fog. In addition the radar has a range greater than lidar up to 30 meters.
It is this technology that allows our partner Preco today to be the world leader in collision avoidance systems for heavy vehicles. Preco today offers a flexible, reliable solution that eliminates the risk of collisions.