Third article of our anticollision series. This week, we discover 3D detection!

3D sensing technology is based on the three-dimensional vision of an environment and what makes it up through the emission of infrared light. This light, invisible to the naked eye, will affect the various obstacles and return to the sensor, allowing measurement. However, this measurement is in 3 dimensions because the waves emitted do not return to the same sensor, but the second one which is distant, which allows a triangulation.

3D detection is used in relatively harsh environments because the sensor is very resistant and designed for. It is very fast because the processing algorithm analyzes more than fifty frames per second.

The sensor integrates easily with a vehicle thanks to its CAN compatibility. This makes it possible to make automation behind and to assign vehicle actions to each sensor state. In addition, the field of view of the sensor is cone-shaped, which allows to take into account a high and wide area at the same time, all on 35 meters distance.

The applications made possible by this sensor are numerous: simple obstacle detection or obstacles being provided with reflective strips. Construction vests will be recognized and we can warn the driver of the vehicle only if a human being is close to him. No more untimely beeps !! It is also possible to set up a distance control not to approach too close to other vehicles or even to follow the line.

The possibilities of this sensor are numerous and at efa, we couple it with our Adaptalarm in order to make the qualification of the obstacle even easier. Feedback in the cabin, outdoors, adding wireless cameras, front and rear sensors, we customize the solution according to your needs.

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