360 degree camera technology is a video recording where the image is recorded in multiple directions at the same time. This recording is made using an apparatus consisting of several cameras simultaneously filming each overlap angle.

All these recordings are gathered in a single video often formatted in equirectangular projection (map projection type) and is either monoscopic (one image) or stereoscopic (two images) giving a 3D effect. 360-degree videos can be viewed on personal computers, smartphones or dedicated touch screens.

Generally consisting of four cameras, this type of camera gives the possibility of simulating a satellite-type view and thus have no blind spot. This view offers a synthesis of panoramic images rendering the 3D scene in real time and displaying the real driving scenario. This technology also helps to better evaluate the distances between a vehicle and an obstacle. [/ Vc_column_text] [vc_custom_heading text = “Applications” font_container = “tag: h2 | font_size: 28 | text_align: left” google_fonts = “font_family: Oswald% 3A300% 2Cregular% 2C700 | font_style: 400% 20regular% 3A400% 3Anormal “] [vc_column_text] Camera solutions and 360 ° kits help to control the working environment and avoid possible collisions to work safely. They fully meet today’s security needs. These solutions can also be integrated into more complete solutions radar sensors, audible warning devices, visual …

The 360 ​​° vision system captures and avoids potential hazards hidden in blind areas. Indeed, among all traffic accidents, those caused by the inability to check for blind spots have taken a large part. Because of their size and length, trucks have larger blind spots than average cars. This means that truck drivers might not be able to see you.

The applications made possible by this technology are many, safe parking in reverse, niche, traffic on narrow roads, high traffic, sloping, danger detection or driving record.

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